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Will Brexit Affect My Courier Service?

Many of us are probably tired of hearing the word ‘Brexit’ ever since the EU referendum in June 2016. Despite an unprecedented year that has put a strain on the UK Government and shifted focus elsewhere, Brexit is well and truly at the forefront of the country’s efforts again, with the Brexit transition period ending on the 31st December 2020.

Brexit will bring immense change to the way the UK works, including overseas travel, importing and exporting, transport, logistics and even environmental industrial standards. These changes will undoubtedly cause a knock-on effect on a vast number of industries within the UK.

Speculation of the impact of Brexit has been one of the biggest topics of conversation amongst British businesses, with one of the most prevalent discussions surrounding trade and movement of goods.

Like many other businesses, we have pushed our focus on becoming ‘Brexit ready’ in order to minimise disruption to businesses we work with. Particularly with the transport and logistics sector becoming affected in more ways than one, preparing for the Brexit transition has introduced different ways of adapting for Crown Couriers.

Will European Deliveries Be Affected by Brexit?

While we primarily focus on delivery within the UK, we do also provide a European courier service meaning that we can deliver to areas in Europe to offer the same quick and efficient service that we do in the UK. 

Our European delivery service comes with in-house support that takes care of the challenges that come with European delivery. We deliver throughout Europe, and also the Channel Islands, Offshore British Islands and Ireland as well, which bring their own delivery challenges.

Previously, our drivers were able to very easily visit Europe for deliveries and then return home again with no barriers or restrictions, making European deliveries as smooth as possible with no problems.

After the Brexit transition ends, this is set to change, meaning that getting into Europe from the UK may be a slightly more difficult process than before. However, European deliveries shouldn’t be too heavily affected providing courier services and businesses take the time to prepare and understand the rules.

No matter what happens – the likelihood is that European courier services will not be negatively impacted and crucial deliveries to Europe should be able to continue. Thanks to our diverse fleet and our technology-driven innovation, we will still be able to continue offering the excellent level of service for our customers and keep goods moving throughout the UK and Europe.

Will European Deliveries Take Longer After Brexit?

Wondering how Brexit will affect imports and exports? The main threat of Brexit to courier services is the likelihood of delays due to new regulations introduced regarding customs clearance. Providing that businesses occupy the complete paperwork, delays at the border should be minimal.

At Crown Couriers, we will aim to make this transition as smooth as possible for our customers with an experienced team that can guide you through the booking process and required documentation. This will ensure that deliveries are compliant with the new rules and that unnecessary delays are avoided. 

How Will Brexit Affect My European Deliveries?

We are here to support businesses in navigating the impact of Brexit and the changes that might arise as a result. We have access to thousands of drivers across the UK that can be relied upon to ensure European deliveries go ahead reliably and efficiently. So there’s no need to worry that your European deliveries will be negatively impacted after 1st January 2021, our experienced team is here to support you smoothly through the transition. 

How Can We Help?

Until Brexit has been completed, experts can only predict how leaving the EU will impact upon British businesses and courier services. At Crown Couriers, we have pushed our focus on becoming ‘Brexit ready’ in order to minimise disruption to businesses we work with.

We are incredibly flexible with the kinds of goods we can deliver with our European courier service and this often varies from client to client. We have a wide fleet with a variety of van sizes and can source larger vehicles at short notice, so are able to deliver consignments of all shapes and sizes.

If you would like to receive a quote or make any other enquiries about our European courier service, simply get in touch with us.

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