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Why Opt For A Dedicated Delivery Service?

Imagine if you could offer your customers a superior delivery service, without the time and expense of managing or expanding your own fleet. With a dedicated delivery service, your business can benefit from a ‘ready-to-go’ fleet of vehicles whenever required and without the ongoing expenditure.

The Amazon-effect has played a big part in setting customer expectations, with more demand for faster and cheaper deliveries, pushing businesses to compete in offering superior delivery options for less.

Businesses operating at peak or for those experiencing high demand after a period of recent lockdown, could benefit from utilising a dedicated delivery service. Rather than expanding their own fleet to meet levels of demand, a dedicated sameday courier can provide a fleet of high-quality, professional drivers at short-notice, that can be called upon only when needed.

Your business can reap the benefits of a dedicated delivery service:
  • Increased safety and security

Utilising a dedicated vehicle for your consignment means your fragile, high-value or confidential items will be significantly more secure during transit than through a regular delivery service. Whether you’re moving specialist IT equipment, furniture, pharmaceuticals, critical medical devices or confidential paperwork, a dedicated delivery service will offer the utmost protection for your items and minimise the risk of  loss or damage.

  • Full management and co-ordination

Reducing the time you spend managing your deliveries, a dedicated sameday courier will provide expert co-ordination, real-time delivery updates and bespoke reporting, ensuring your collections and deliveries are hassle-free.

  • Fast transit and superior service

Using a dedicated vehicle means your items will be collected within 60 minutes and delivered directly to their destination quickly. If there is a requirement for a number of collection and/or delivery addresses, routes will be configured using dynamic routing software, ensuring the fastest and most cost-effective route is achieved. Dedicated delivery allows you to obtain the real-time status of your consignment through online tracking and live ETA notifications. So, you’ll always know the whereabouts of your goods, whatever their location.


Even with all of the benefits of a dedicated delivery service, this solution could actually be the most cost-effective delivery option for your business. Why not ask us a question today to discuss your requirements or call 0330 333 4400 to speak to a knowledgeable advisor.



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