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What Is Air Cargo?

Air cargo is big business at London Heathrow Airport, with over 1.5 million cubic tonnes of cargo, worth around £133 billion per year, travelling through the airport annually. But with additional security measures implemented in airports worldwide over recent years, specialist support is required from an air cargo courier to support airport cargo collection.

What Is Air Cargo?

The transportation of goods through an aircraft, known as air cargo or air freight, enables the express movement of shipments across the globe.  Much faster than sea freight services, air cargo services are used more frequently for goods with a short shelf life or in urgent demand, notable more recently with the surge in requirement for emergency medical equipment. That being the case, upon arrival at the Heathrow cargo terminal, fast movement of air cargo out of the cargo sheds and onto its destination is imperative. The longer cargo is awaiting collection, the more costly and inefficient it becomes for the customer.

How Do We Ensure Security Of Air Cargo?

A fast and efficient Heathrow Airport cargo collection service relies upon having a logistical partner, with readily available vehicles and drivers, who hold full security-clearance and access to high-security airport locations. Protected under the Department of Transport Guidelines, high-security areas such as airport cargo sheds can only be accessed by personnel with airport access, provided by a specialist air cargo courier.

Crown Couriers drivers undertake specialist Cargo Security Awareness training, which provides us with fast access to collect cargo from Heathrow Airport. This service enables us to offer a seamless product to freight forwarders and cargo operators, by taking on full co-ordination, handling and movement of cargo from point of collection to delivery.

How Can We Support?

Our London regional team operate from a dedicated office based within London Heathrow airport. Having an on-site team means we are always on hand to support with Heathrow cargo collections and deliveries and ensure our air cargo same-day courier service runs smoothly.

Our experience in the sector means we can support and cater to your exact air cargo courier requirements and find a solution that works for you. Plus, with our efficient logistical solutions and innovative technologies, we can help to support the initiative to make air cargo operations cleaner, greener and more sustainable.

If you would like to receive a quote for our Air Cargo courier services or one of our other Aviation and AOG services, call 0300 303 5260 or email to make a booking.

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