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Safe Removal Of Sharps: A Personal Service

As part of Sugar Awareness Week, we recognise those who have been diagnosed with diabetes, with the need for regular diabetes and insulin injections. However, it’s just as important to recognise the need to carefully dispose of all needles/sharps to prevent injuries or diseases from passing on to others, with a safe and secure sharps removal service.

Whether sharps are used in a work or home environment, they must be disposed of safely, in compliance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations. This is to ensure the risks associated with handling sharps are eliminated, as needles can cause injuries and transmit blood-borne viruses. These viruses can be easily passed through contact with needles, including HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C.

Anyone who handles sharps is responsible for disposing of them safely. It’s critical to understand that needles (or other sharps) should not be disposed of in any type of household bin, but should be disposed of in a specially designed sharps bin. Sharps bins are typically made as a hard and puncture-proof plastic container, which are yellow with colour-coded lids. They are usually provided on prescription from a pharmacist or GP. 

Our drivers are given this important training through our clinical homecare partner. They are shown how to ensure sharps bins are sealed properly before collection, and if not, how they can seal them properly. We can also add that for additional safety measures, anyone handling sharps bins would be recommended to use sharps gloves to protect themselves.

As a medical courier service, we handle healthcare deliveries with the utmost care, compassion and proficiency. We put security at the forefront of all healthcare deliveries, by only using carefully selected drivers that are specially trained and security cleared. If you’d like to find out more about the personal service we offer when safely removing sharps, keep reading.

Replacing trays

Where medication should be kept at room temperature, we replace the medication promptly upon delivery to the patient, to prevent the medication from becoming unusable. We offer time-critical deliveries and our fast response times mean we’ll reach the point of collection for medicine within 60 minutes, to deliver to the patient within a rapid timeframe.

Door-to-door service

At Crown Couriers, we understand that some patients might be house-bound whilst receiving care in their own home. This is why we offer a door-to-door service to safely remove sharps from a patient’s home, as well as handling home equipment installation of medical fridges for temperature-controlled medications.

To ensure all prescribed medications reach the customer when needed, we operate a 60 minute response time for a speedy delivery.

For patients who have repeat prescriptions, it’s critical to ensure their prescribed injections are rotated according to the frequency of each injection, according to the patient’s GP or doctor who has prescribed the injections.

Safe disposal

We understand the importance of safe disposal, which is why we work closely with one of the UK’s most experienced providers of clinical homecare, to ensure our drivers dispose safely of any medical waste items collected. Our pharmaceutical logistics team are fully aware of handling every delivery and collection with care, which is why we ensure all of our drivers are DBS security cleared (formerly CRB).

Whether it’s rotating medicines, navigating through hospitals or safely handling blood or other types of medical equipment, our drivers are fully trained in the appropriate field. Our highly-trained team understands the possible dangers posed by discarded needles and syringes. We only use carefully selected drivers that are specially trained and security cleared, who are trusted to follow all strict protocols. We ensure that every delivery is treated with the utmost care, precision and security. 

With fully traceable delivery from the point of collection, we put security at the forefront of all healthcare deliveries. This is why we are tried, trusted and relied on by many UK pharmacies and healthcare providers.

Get in touch with Crown Couriers

When it comes to healthcare and pharmaceutical deliveries, sensitivity and confidentiality are of the highest concern. Our experience in working across a wide range of sectors makes us a knowledgeable and reliable logistics partner for businesses from a variety of industries.

Read our Pharmaceutical Guide To Drugs Courier Services to find out more about our pharmaceutical courier service.

Passionate about innovation, we have the capability to develop systems and processes to suit the needs of any sector. Our drivers are carefully selected and appropriately trained for the specific requirements of the role, enabling us to meet the bespoke needs of businesses with varying demands.

If you’d like to find out more about our pharmaceutical courier service, please get in touch with us.

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