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Community Pharmacy Home Delivery

January 27, 2020

We work with one of the UK’s largest community pharmacy chains to provide essential same day home deliveries of prescriptions and controlled drugs, to patient homes and care homes across the country.

Our commitment to invest in innovative technologies has enabled us to provide a high-quality, cost-effective delivery solution for our customer. Through optimised route planning, our teams have been able to quickly schedule routes in the most effective way, taking into consideration imminent traffic issues and eliminating unnecessary mileage.

Patient care is always our customer’s highest concern, which is why we have eliminated the requirement to hold patient data on our system, maintaining full confidentiality at all times. We carefully handpick drivers based locally that are experienced and have the right characteristics to replicate the excellent care provided by pharmacies. Crown Couriers use local, regular drivers on home delivery routes to provide consistency and regularity. All drivers carry ID and are trained to meet our customer’s exacting requirements.

Pharmacy cabinet of medicine

In 2019 a Crown Couriers driver was brought in to cover an emergency delivery, looking after prescription home deliveries. The driver impressed the customer so much that all pharmacies on his route asked to keep him on.

“Excellent service, really enjoyed working with him. “

Our Crown Couriers driver is now still working on this route following the great feedback.

Clinical Homecare

Another recent story involved a driver drove from Harlow to Ayr to deliver emergency medication that was only available from one location.

Across the length of the country to deliver urgent medication to the child.

This demonstrates the type of bespoke deliveries Crown Couriers will complete.  We’re proud of our agility and responsiveness, ensuring outstanding service and 99.9% delivery rate.

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