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Bespoke Collections & Deliveries

January 28, 2020

Specialist Solutions

Our solutions are designed to meet our customers particular requirements, from bespoke reporting to the development and implementation of new software.

The Challenge

Having a complete record of the movement of goods is critical for our customer. They must account for the whereabouts of stock transported between vendor and store on behalf of their client – a large fashion and homeware retailer. Without the presentation of important documents such as POD’s, a shipment cannot be accounted for and can ultimately result in non-payment for their service.

The Solution

The customer approached Crown Couriers to supply vans in order to improve the efficiency of collections from vendors. Understanding the difficulties faced by the customer surrounding provision of delivery documentation, we worked with the customer to develop and implement a ‘sign on glass’ solution. This eliminated the requirement for physical documentation by ensuring a fully visible digital chain of custody for the goods. Manufactured to their specific requirements, our customer has a full data trail for all collections and deliveries.

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