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Online Pharmacies: The Battle of Convenience Versus Risk

Over the span of a generation, Amazon went from an emerging online bookseller to one of the most powerful brands of the modern world. And not only that, their strategy for e-commerce has intercepted every single facet of our daily lives, including the way we obtain prescription drugs.

The pharmaceutical market is amongst those which have been profoundly impacted by the Amazon effect, ‘millions of people now routinely buy medicines and wellbeing products over the internet’. But in the search for convenience, are consumers putting their own safety at risk?

In a recent story posted by the Pharmaceutical Journal, an increasing problem posed by the use of online pharmacies is the lack of regulation surrounding deliveries, pointing out that ‘safety, security, confidentiality and reliability’ may all be compromised through utilising standard postal delivery.

And for the bricks and mortar pharmacies that are fighting back against the online retailer, through offering repeat prescription deliveries direct to homes, they must ensure a fine balance between cost and convenience to even begin to compete.

Providing an effective solution is Crown Couriers. Experienced at working in partnership with healthcare providers, Crown’s medical courier service and pharmaceutical service are the key to ensuring prescription deliveries are handled with the utmost care and proficiency, offering the patient the peace of mind they deserve.

With features such as dynamic route planning, to ensure deliveries are scheduled as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible, Crown’s track and trace system provides full disclosure about the status of a delivery. Crown also maintains sensitivity and confidentiality as its highest concern, utilising only regular drivers who are trained to handle every collection and delivery with care.

To find out more about implementing a bespoke delivery service in healthcare, visit our sectors page.

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