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Responding To Crisis and Looking to the Future Post-Pandemic

As we welcomed in a brand-new year back in January, Crown Couriers was turning its thoughts to plans for celebrating its 30th anniversary this Summer. However, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have found ourselves putting such preparations on hold and have instead focused our efforts on supporting the movement of essential goods across the UK, in a fight against the spread of the virus.

Responding to Crisis

Over recent weeks, we’ve seen the unfortunate decline and in some cases, the complete closure of customers within the manufacturing and retail sectors. Fortunately, with distribution playing a critical part in the movement of vital items, we’ve been able to react quickly and switch our focus and resource to support customers struggling with their final mile solutions.

As the elderly and vulnerable were urged to self-isolate, we answered calls from the healthcare sector to provide experienced and trained drivers to make home deliveries of vital prescription medication. Increasing our driver numbers enabled us to then prepare for complete lockdown and a rise in the support pharmacists would require. And when automotive and aviation manufacturers started to turn their expertise to respond to the Prime Minister’s requests for 30,000 more ventilators, we began to support one of our customers to move ventilator parts to sites across the country.

Planning Ahead

Despite the difficulty facing all businesses at this time, we have continued to drive forward with our plans to continually improve our same day delivery service. In March, we welcomed General Manager, Steve Rushton to the business. With significant experience in the logistics industry, Steve has taken to his role ‘full steam ahead’ to ensure the business continues its plans for innovation and recruitment, whilst managing and supporting the team safely through the crisis.

Driver recruitment has increased, enabling us to provide roles for both van and car drivers who have found themselves furloughed or on reduced income, whilst focusing on recruiting car drivers has enabled us to better support healthcare customers.

Driving Forward with Innovation

As a business, our passion for innovation has been one of the key factors in our ability to adapt quickly to the changing situation.  Our dedication to invest in technology has seen us continue with efforts to create a more efficient and customer-focused same day delivery service. We believe that by remaining focused on implementing innovative technologies, we will continue to deliver cost-savings and improve our same day service for our customers.

Tim Seagers, Managing Director of Crown Couriers commented:

‘In the 30 years that Crown Couriers has been in operation, never has there been a period of time so challenging for business owners and their staff alike. At this difficult time, I cannot express sufficient thanks to the customers, staff and drivers who continue to support our business.’

As a business, we hope to look back on 2020 as the year that marked, not only our third decade in same day delivery, but as one where we did our utmost to support our staff, drivers, customers and played our part in supporting our country at one of the most difficult periods in modern times.

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