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‘Behind-the-Scenes’ Logistical Operations To Support Retail Recovery

As retailers prepare to re-open stores with new safety measures in place, how could a same day delivery service help them adapt to a ‘new normal’ and the challenges they face? Read our latest blog as we look at the challenges facing retailers in the current climate.

The retail landscape has experienced significant change over recent months, amid store closures and reduced footfall, as the UK was placed on full lockdown. Retail sales and consumer spending experienced the second sharpest fall on record in May, even as some lockdown measures were relaxed. And with the High street set to re-open on 15th June, the struggle seems set to continue with just under half of adults surveyed by RetailEXPO, admitting they still remain uncomfortable about returning to a retail environment.

Where does e-commerce stand?

Without a doubt, the pandemic has accelerated the shift from shopping in-store to online. But challenges remain in place for online retailers to overcome in order to deliver a best-in-class service.

“Online retailers need to provide a best-in-breed e-commerce offering to their customers”.

With online retail set to grow from 20% to 40% of all retail sales, e-commerce businesses are under huge pressure to handle the growth whilst continuing to provide a responsive and frictionless service. Customers want their orders quickly and with delivery services already under immense strain, retailers are struggling to continue to meet levels of expectation.

Does this signal the end of the road for the High street?

High street retailers are fighting a tough battle in finding a balance between re-opening profitably and being able to operate safely, whilst ensuring they have sufficient staffing and stock levels to meet customer demand.

Delivery and stock management remains a challenge for all retailers, both online and offline in meeting customer expectations. High street and E-commerce retailers rely on having a strong ‘behind-the-scenes’ logistical operation to ensure goods can be moved quickly to meet demand, particularly with warehousing currently pushed to capacity.

 How can a same day delivery service provide a solution for retailers?

  • Ad Hoc Support

Crown’s agile response to ad hoc collection and delivery requests, enables us to offer fleet support to meet increases in demand. We’re able to make up the capacity required to cover sickness and holidays, thanks to a team of flexible and professional couriers and by using the latest technology, enabling us to allocate jobs quickly. Our response time is always within 60 minutes and we have over 800 drivers based across the UK to provide coverage for B2B collections and deliveries from any location.

  • Full Logistical Solutions

Through warehouse consolidation within our on-site facility, our supply chain solutions have created cost efficiencies for our retail customers, whilst providing their vendors with wider collection windows and enhanced stock delivery options.

We utilise optimised route planning software to generate the most efficient route and drive cost-efficiencies for our customers.

All of our retail customers are looked after by dedicated service teams, who provide bespoke reporting and delivery solutions that are tailored to meet individual requirements.

Take a look at the retail delivery solutions we’ve created for our current customers by going to or speak to one of our team today to find out how we can support the recovery of the retail sector.

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