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As Lockdown Eases, What Will The ‘New Normal’ Look Like For Businesses?

As the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announces the Government’s plans to ease lockdown and restart the economy, UK businesses look to the future post-pandemic and how they can emerge stronger by finding and embracing a ‘new normal’.

Whilst many would ideally see life to revert to how it was prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the reality is that some things have changed for good. But this doesn’t mean businesses can’t find better ways to operate to allow them to recover and thrive in the future. And for Crown Couriers, that involves forging progressive partnerships with businesses new and existing that are looking to improve their supply chain to be ‘best in class’.

Since the crisis emerged, many businesses demonstrated versatility and resilience by switching production to meet calls for PPE and ventilators. Around 30% of UK workforce were furloughed or lost their jobs, leading to people from all walks of life and occupations taking on front-line roles, from delivery drivers, to farm workers and supermarket staff. As a nationwide same day courier, we similarly switched focus to provide emergency deliveries to the healthcare sector including pharmacies and manufacturers of life-saving equipment.

But as more businesses now begin to re-open – how do we move forward in a better way using the lessons learned from the crisis?

Best in Class Service

A bespoke logistical solution will enable your business to become more efficient and operate its collections and deliveries in a more customer focused way, whilst driving cost-savings. Crown Couriers will meet your logistical challenge with a same day delivery solution that caters to your exact requirements.

Latest Technology

Lockdown posed a much more challenging position for businesses that were not ahead of the curve in terms of adopting the latest technologies that would enable them to transition. As we look to the ‘new normal’ way of working, businesses will need to adopt innovative solutions that help to reduce unnecessary practices within their supply chain. Our passion for innovation is driven by our desire to help businesses save both time and money, whilst also delivering a superior service for their customers. Our latest technologies include:

  • Dynamic Text and Email Notifications
  • Optimised Route Planning Software
  • Downloadable Driver App
  • E-POD and E-Finance
  • Online Booking and Real-Time Tracking
Dynamic Text Notifications


A flexible logistical provider, Crown Couriers work in partnership with businesses to enable them to be more reactive and responsive. Our manned operations desk is available 24/365 and with our fleet of over 800 nationwide drivers are able to respond to meet last minute collection and delivery requirements any time, day or night. And with drivers based across the UK, we can offer a local-feel delivery service on a nationwide scale. Your business and its customers can rely on us to deliver fast response times and offer regular drivers whether you are based in a single location or at numerous locations.

Discover a bespoke logistical solution that will make your business more competitive with Crown Couriers.

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